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DBLax – 2021 Season Practices


  1. Parents must agree to take the player's temperature the day of camp for players to participate. If your child has a fever or is feeling sick, do not send them to practice.  If you are unable to take your child’s temperature, we will have a contactless thermometer available at check-in. Please let staff know upon arrival.
  2. Staff are required to do a visual screen of all players prior to taking the field.
  3. Parents will be encouraged to practice social distancing and encouraged to remain inside vehicles between drop-off and pick up. If not in your vehicle, you must wear a face covering.
  4. Parents will NOT be permitted on the field and must always observe social distancing.  
  5. All players MUST wear a face covering during the arrival and departure process. We will provide disposable face masks in the event the player loses or contaminates their mask. 
  6. Players and staff will be required to use hand sanitizer located at the entrance gate prior to stepping on the field. This same protocol will occur at departure.
  7. Players will be placed in stable pods of 14 or fewer players. Players will not be required to wear masks during the practice session. 
  8. Coaches will wear face masks throughout practice.
  9. Players may not touch the ball without equipment, such as sticks or gloves.
  10. All players must bring their own water bottles and snacks. Players are not allowed to share food/drinks.
  11. Players without their own equipment may check out equipment from dblax – however it is essential that all equipment, owned or borrowed must not be shared at any time.This includes lacrosse sticks, goggles, pads, helmets and mouth guards.
  12. Please make sure your player has a mouthguard AND a back-up mouthguard.
  13. Bathrooms will not be available for use. We highly encourage players to use the bathroom prior to training.